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Product Application across automotive, locomotive and stationary engine Description

CNG Filters

3 Wheelers, Cars, Buses & Trucks Our Company has the fuel filter for CNG gaseous injection system. It has a function that keeps the inner of injector clean by removing removing the oil including fuel and contaminants such as residue.

Engine Control Unit (ECU)

Automotive / Industrial / Off Highway Our Company offers in-house manufactured Engine Control Unit (ECUs) that has been specifically designed for SI Engines. It is able to control variety of alternate fuels CNG / LPG / LNG / Hydrogen / HCNG etc. and applications (Automotive / Industrial / Off-highway). We have a wide range of ECUs suitable from Single Cylinder Bi-fuel application to 8 Cylinder Mono Fuel / Dual Fuel application.

Fuel Rail

3 Wheelers, Cars, Buses & Trucks CNG is transported from the pressure regulator to the injectors. Fuel rail acts a distributor channel of CNG injectors. It is equipped with integrated pressure and temperature sensors or standalone pressure sensor depends on application required. Our Company has variety of solutions for Fuel Rail Assembly right from extruded fuel rail to casted fuel rails depending on the packaging profiles on engine to accommodate different types of alternate fuels injector (top feed and Side feed injectors).

High Pressure Regulator (HPR)

3 Wheelers, Buses, Trucks, Industrial & Off Highway This is a device used to reduce the pressure of CNG from 200~220 Bar to operating injection pressure of 2~8 Bar based on type of injector used for the application. It is also equipped with high pressure solenoid and high pressure sensor.


3 Wheelers, Buses, Trucks, Industrial & Off Highway Injector is a device to supply fuel to the engine. Injection quantity and injector duty cycle is being controlled by ECU (Engine Control Unit).
Our Company offers in-house manufactured variety of injectors compatible to run on CNG, LNG, hydrogen fuels. Our Company has state of the art dedicated clean room facility to manufacture the injectors and approx. 1 million of Company’s manufactured injectors are in operation in field. Our Company has different types of Injectors based on inlet type (side feed and Top Feed Injectors) and based operation (peak and hold type and saturated switch type). Our Company has very large range of operating pressure injectors from 1.5 bar to 8.5 bar operating pressure. These injectors are ECER approved and completed above 100 million cycle of durability operation.

Fire Detection & Suppression System

Buses & Trucks This two-zone panel is for monitoring and controlling of fire extinguishing systems. The system is built to fit into standard dashboards & instrument panels. The panel is designed to monitor various sensors and activate alarm outputs in the event of a fire being detected.
The system monitors the inputs both to detect actual alarm or fire situations, and to check for faults in the system itself. This is a device used to detect and suppress fire, using LHD cables for detection and ABC powder for suppression.

CNG Tube & Fitting

Wheelers, Buses, Trucks, Industrial & Off Highway Our Company offers Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) pipe bending services for larger bends and for customers requesting high-quality tube and pipe bending services. We have the ability to work with stainless steel and carbon steel tube bendings. This is used to supply CNG from tank to HPR (High Pressure Regulator).
Our highly-trained bend technicians are capable of CNC bending of a wide range of bend radii. Our experts have many years of experience and knowledge, which allows them to provide the most accurate bends possible.

Filler Valve

3 Wheelers, Buses & Trucks Our Company is a trustworthy manufacturer and supplier of a wide assortment of CNG Filling Valve in India. This range of product is made employing finest grade raw material and cutting-edge techniques under the supervision of trained professionals as per the set industry standards.
Manually operated filling valve with forged brass body, mechanized in the latest CNC lathe machines with variable plates. Its function is to allow the gas filling into the vehicle. Its effective closing system turns our valve into a highly reliable and safe product. Its distinctive compact design allows its placement in reduced spaces of the vehicle.

FMFD Module

Automotive / Industrial / Off Highway It is an unique proprietory filling unit integrated with high pressure filter, receptacle NGV and NZS filling valves, manual shut- off valve having optional feature of solenoid.

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