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Engine Control Unit (ECU)

Shigan offers in-house manufactured Engine Control Unit (ECUs) that has been specifically designed for SI Engines. It is able to control variety of alternate fuels CNG / LPG / LNG / Hydrogen / HCNG etc. and applications (Automotive / Industrial / Off-highway). Shigan having different range of ECUs suitable from Single Cylinder Bi-fuel application to 8 Cylinder Mono Fuel / Dual Fuel application.

These ECUs has been approved as per Indian / Global legislative standard (AIS standards and ECE Standards). Its Model based control algorithm gives an advantage for quick S/W customisation as per customer needs. ECU is capable to meet future norms without any changes in hardware and currently used in various OEMs for their BS-VI applications. Shigan ECUs having an USP to control Peak & Hold and Saturated type of injectors from single ECU only by changing the S/W configuration. Shigan ECU can drive both Active & Passive types of coil without any hardware change in the ECU.

Unique engine control strategies: Our ECUs are specifically tailored to maximize the performance of the base engine. Key benefits include reduced fuel consumption and emissions, increased vehicle load carrying capabilities with launch torque, and integrated vehicle functionality.

Compatible & cost-effective design with natural gas components: With proven OEM track record, these natural gas components such as electronic control units and spark plugs have been fully validated for the application and manufactured to automotive industry quality standards resulting in high levels of reliability and lower cost.

Meeting current & future emissions profile: The system is designed to meet Euro-VI emission standards.

Key Features
Number of Injector / Ignition DriverUp to 8
Operating Voltage12V / 24V
Fuel TypeCNG / LPG / Hydrogen / LNG / HCNG
Injection SystemMultipoint Sequential / Single Point TB Injection
ApplicationAutomotive / Industrial / Off Highway

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