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This two-zone panel is for the monitoring and controlling of fire extinguishing systems. The system is built to fit into standard dashboards & instrument panels. The panel is designed to monitor various sensors and activate alarm outputs in the event of a fire being detected.

The system monitors the inputs both to detect actual alarm or fire situations, and to check for faults in the system itself. There is also a comprehensive test mode that can be used during production, installation and servicing of the system.

The panel components are assembled around a low-power microcontroller, which controls the system. The range of the panels covers all possible control and alarm scenarios. The panel has membrane switches (excluding isolation) that allow using these panels as splash-proof.

Indications: The panel has LED indicators for main and backup power, circuit 1 and 2 alarms, fault, isolated and discharge.

Fire Suppressants: We have our own in house made canister to support for fire suppressant.

Output: The siren output can be used to operate audio-visual alarms such as strobe lights and sirens for the purpose of a fire alert.

Fault Sensing: The panel has a comprehensive fault monitoring system; it monitors open-circuit of wiring to the detectors and the siren. It also monitors internal malfunctions and is able to detect faults in the LEDs on the panel.

Key Features
Operating Voltage12V and 24V
Stand By Current <10mA
No Of Zones2
Alarm IndicationHorn Strobe (siren), Buzzer
ApplicationBuses & Trucks

Design By: Shigan Telematics Pvt. Ltd