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Fuel Rail Assembly

CNG is transported from the pressure regulator to the injectors. Fuel rail acts a distributor channel of CNG injectors. It may have equipped with integrated pressure and temperature sensors or standalone pressure sensor depends on application required. SQT has variety of solutions for Fuel Rail Assembly right from extruded fuel rail to casted fuel rails depends on the packaging profiles on engine to accommodate different types of alternate fuels injector (top feed and Side feed injectors).

CNG are currently gaining attention as an environmentally friendly alternative to gasoline and we are expecting demand for these to increase in the future. The technologies we have cultivated over many years in the development of products for gaseous systems are now being applied to the development of products for clean gas automobiles.

Our Fuel Rail comes with an innovative piston design. The piston is smaller in size and is less affected by the forces of inertia. The Fuel Rail is made of high quality material, which is treated on numerically controlled machines.

The product has undergone several tests to achieve high performance and long-time failure-free work. Each Fuel Rail is calibrated and ready to be fitted in the vehicle.


  1. Made of Aluminium to achieve excellent environmental, fuel, and corrosion resistances.
  2. Optimized in shape to achieve both of lightness and resistance to high pressures.
Key Features
Vehicle Type12V to 24V
Injector MountedUp to 8
Application3 Wheelers, Buses & Trucks

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