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Injector is used to inject the fuel into manifold to achieve better mixture of Air and Fuel to meet the desired level of AFR. Injection quantity and injector duty cycle has been controlled by ECU (Engine Control Unit).

Shigan offers in-house manufactured variety of injectors compatible to run on CNG, LNG, hydrogen fuels. Shigan has state of the art dedicated clean room facility to manufacture the injectors and approx. 1 million of Shigan manufactured injectors are in operation in field. Shigan has different type of Injectors based on inlet type (side feed and Top Feed Injectors) and based operation (peak and hold type and saturated switch type). Shigan has very large range of operating pressure injectors from 1.5 bar to 8.5 bar operating pressure. These injectors are ECER approve and completed above 100 million cycle of durability operation.

These Injectors are developed specifically to meet the requirements of Alternate gaseous fuel (CNG, LNG, Hydrogen) operation: as an electromagnetic valve for a higher gas volume, high flow speed and wear resistance, even when operated with oil-free gas. Its quality and service life can be compared with those of fuel Injectors. The very low leakage continues to fall during the service life.

Key Features
ApprovalECE R 110, ISO 15500
Operating Temperature-40°C to 120°C
Operating Voltage12V and 24V
Operating Pressure1.5 Bar to 8.5 Bar
Type of InjectorsSide & Top Feed
Application3 Wheelers, Buses, Trucks, Industrial & Off Highway

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